The best website your restaurant can ever have

If you don't believe us, check how smoooooth it is

Get better digital presence!

A better website that is accessible on all types of devices to place pick-up and delivery orders!

Google listing management

We take optimize and manage your Google My Business account by working with what meets the algorithm

Keep the full order revenue

Just pay 1 monthly flat fee!

More reviews & exclusive offers

We'll set you up with email marketing to get more reviews and send special deals to your loyal customers


$149 CAD/month


$1550 CAD/year

(15% discount)


This plan includes

  • Mobile-first website that lives on phone like an app

  • Online ordering for pick-up/delivery

  • Google listing management

  • Setting up the infrastructure to receive orders

  • Promotional stickers to promote the website (QR codes)

$249 CAD/month


$2550 CAD/year

(15% discount)


This plan includes everything in Basic, plus

  • Email/Text marketing to get more reviews and send special offers

  • Google Ads management

  • 2-hour session on restaurant marketing

We do also provide additional services a la carte

  • Social Media Marketing

  • Email Marketing​​

  • Search Engine Optimization - SEO​

  • Pay Per Click - PPC​

  • Content Marketing Services​

  • Social Media Paid Advertising.​

  • Photography

Why monthly pricing?

Restaurants are busy and have a ton of things to take care of. Instead of charging you a fat one-shot upfront price and on top additional costs for maintenance for something that you don't necessarily want to manage and operate.

Leave that to the experts and pay a dividend on a monthly basis and if ever you don't like it. Well its FREE to cancel.

We've found our memberships work best with a longer-term view on pricing to better align to our value and how we deliver it too.

Are there other charges?

  • Payment processing: %5 + 30 cents per order. This charge is from the payment processing partner.

  • API setup for POS systems: Price TBD.

Do you do delivery?

  • We do provide an additional service provider that can deliver orders for you.